The A.I.E. Way

‘Change’ is the hardest thing we’ll ever do.  We can win if we take ownership of the process,  organize our efforts in 4 fundamental areas, and fail our way towards a deeper sense of freedom.


First class starts Monday Evening, 6:30-8:30 p.m., September 9th, 2019. 

Everyone wants freedom:  the freedom of a healthy body, financial freedom, the freedom to do fulfilling work, and the emotional freedom to engage in meaningful relationships.  However, experiencing more freedom with time requires change, and change is hard.  In this 5 week workshop series we’ll learn the valuable mental skills needed to engage behavior change.

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Content –

  • We’ll cover the basic principles of Personal Growth (3 Principles of Freedom – Fundamentals, Ownership, and Failure).
  • We’ll talk through applying these principles to the four core areas of life:  Health, Finances, Work, and Relationships

Workshop Schedule –

  1. 9/9 – Mentality:  3 Principles of Freedom
  2. 9/16 – Health
  3. 9/23 – Work and Money
  4. 9/30 – Relationships
  5. 10/7 – Review and Summary

Specs –

  • 5 total classes held on Monday evenings – 9/9 , 9/16 , 9/23 , 9/30 , 10/7 – from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • 8 total slots
  • The location is near the Matador Restaurant in Downtown Tacoma.
  • Cost will be $120 per person total.
  • Make sure you are subscribed via email (Below) to receive updates on!
  • Email me at with questions.
  • Purchase Tickets Here.

The video below is from the workshop I have taught to entrepreneurs and staff at UW-Tacoma for over two years now!

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