“I witnessed Travis address FBS football coaches and student-athletes at Indiana University with a story about courage in the face of fear. Specifically, he spoke about overcoming his fear of water in the process of becoming a US Army Special Forces Soldier. His personal story is incredibly powerful and his ability to make that story relatable to his audience is phenomenal. This enables him to connect and inspire across cultural barriers. This skill is invaluable in collegiate football environments where teams of 120+ coaches/athletes, from all different backgrounds, must coalesce around one mission in a narrow space of time. ”

Eric Kapitulik, Founder and CEO of The Program, LLC

“I believe you will be struck by his professionalism, ease to work with, dedication to excellence, and dynamic inspirational presentation.”

Dan Moynihan, RN, MultiCare Health System

“Your talk was especially relatable; your tone and presence putting the audience at ease.  Thank you for your openness and inspiring talk.  We know your time is valuable and we sincerely appreciate your time and energy in preparing to speak.  Your talk undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the audience and we believe that everyone walked away inspired to bridge the gap; both within themselves and within their community.”

TEDx Tacoma Steering Committee

Daigle 1


The Pain of Ownership
Owning our futures requires owning our shortcomings and exercising the Self-Discipline to change.  This can be a painful process, but it develops character… Character that leads to Freedom.

Empty the Bucket!
Failure is something that carries with it a negative connotation in our society.  We seem to avoid it at all costs.  However, failure is where learning happens.  The courage to fail unlocks the knowledge to win.

Fundamentals win Fights!
In a society filled with instant gratification, it can be difficult to maintain urgency around the simple tasks of life.  However, intentionality with small daily decisions results in massive change.

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