TEDxTacoma 2018

I’ll be speaking at TEDxTacoma on Friday November 16th.

“Transitions:  Bridging the Gap – Transitions, by definition, are movements, developments, or evolutions from one form, stage, or style to another.  It’s never exactly the same way twice in circumstance or from person-to-person.  This year, TEDxTacoma identifies and examines ideas that stretch our comfort zone, encourage the state of being in-flux, and explore what it means to flow from one form to the next. ”


My Talk –

Title:  Pain… A Good Thing

Synopsis:  We all understand the desire for freedom. We desire to have health and vitality in our bodies. We want financial freedom. We crave flourishing relationships. And, we want to do meaningful work. Acquiring this freedom is not easy and the process is filled with obstacles, resistance, and unexpected challenges both great and small. Or, what can generally be called, Pain.

Travis Daigle tells a story of how embracing the pain of overcoming childhood obesity and all it’s challenges, prepared him to become a US Army Green Beret and Combat Veteran. He challenges us to see ‘Pain’, as a good thing.

Visit this link to purchase tickets.  There is a great line up of speakers!  Hope to see you there!

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