“I believe you will be struck by his professionalism, ease to work with, dedication to excellence, and dynamic inspirational presentation.”

Dan M., RN, MultiCare Health System

“He delivered a poignant speech and personal testimony that in order to succeed at anything in life, one must remember ‘Fundamentals Win Fights!’.    Travis did an awesome job of reinforcing the fundamental element of being a phenomenal nurse is caring.”

Sheri M., RN, MultiCare Health System


For me, speaking is much more than inspiringing people to reach a goal.  Goals are absolutely necessary for specifying action and living on purpose, but we gain impact through integrity.  Living a life of integrity is more important than specific outcomes.  For me, speaking is about igniting character development and culture change in an organization.  It’s about calling people to operate everyday based on core values.  As a presenter, I make it my job to challenge the audience to put integrity before their personal/professional goals… to sacrifice comfort before they sacrifice character.  I challenge people to ‘stand for something’ in everything that they do.  I aim to reach the audience at a soul- level.  Catalyzing emotions in the right direction is a huge precursor to positive character change in an individual and culture change in an organization.  This naturally produces better results for the organization.  Therefore, my presentations play heavily off of my personal/professional experiences and bring the bigger concepts down to the realities/emotions of everyday life.  The following topics represent my core messages:

  1. ‘Fundamentals Win Fights!’ – When I was in going through Special Forces Training in the military, I had an instructor say something that I will never forget, “The only difference between a Special Forces Soldier and a Regular Soldier is not Space Age Technology or Superhuman Strength.  It’s the fact that a Special Forces Soldier, does Basic Soldiering Tasks, Exceptionally Well.”  It’s often the simple things that have the most profound impact on outcomes.  Particularly, simple things, done well, for long periods of time.  My entire life has reinforced this idea.   However, we live in a time and society that doesn’t celebrate simplicity or foster the patience it takes to see big changes.  What drives you to wake up everyday determined to do the basics exceptionally well?  What helps you push past feelings of boredom in the simplicity of routine?  What makes us see fundamentals with a sense of urgency that causes us to bring our best effort to the table, daily?  How strong is the core motivation for everything we do?

  2. ‘300’ – “Take 100% Ownership and Give 100% Effort, 100% of the Time.”  This is a core value that I live by.  The ability to gain the most out of the resources that exist in our environment (regardless of what they are) is highly dependant on our ability to be innovative and persistent in controlling the things that we can control.  Success happens where uncommon levels of ownership meet exceptional levels of effort.  Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to what happens to you.  Are you taking full responsibility for your behavior in all parts of life?  Do you have a defined value system that governs your behavior on a moment -to-moment basis?  Can you look yourself in the mirror and say you gave everything you could to make your goals happen?  Will we still put forth maximum effort when life isn’t giving us anything we want?

  3. ‘The Power of Vision’ – Goals specify action.  If you are going to have Grand Canyon outcomes as an individual or an organization, you are going to need Colorado River focus in your mentality/behavior, for significant periods of time.  Have you done the critical thinking, the mental wrestling, the brian struggling required to define what you want your future to look like and scrutinize your current motives and behavior against those future desires?  Our environments and our cultures have a common drift.  Without knowing what we want, we have no context for moment to moment decision making.  This leads us into drifting with our environment.  When the inevitable storms of life come, in what direction will you orient yourself?  Most people don’t know and therefore they bounce off of adversity like a pinball.  Add to that, the complexity of human emotions that can often take us into what we feel like doing and lead us away from what we want.  Do we know where we are going?  Do we have a vision?

Price:  Including taxes, $1,995.  Payment accepted by Credit Card via Square Pay email invoice.  30-60 minute Presentation.  Additional fees will be required for travel beyond the Tacoma, WA area.  Email me at TravisDaigleCDC@gmail.com to schedule a call to discuss details.


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