The Problem Solving Process

We’ve all had that moment while reading a book or article where we have an ‘A Ha!’ moment.  Those times when an author’s words help us make sense out of our own emotions.  Someone else is able to succinctly articulate something we have been feeling yet we haven’t been able to put it into words.  The creative process can give tangible ques to our intangible emotions.  Our favorite quotes, songs, movies, books, poems, speeches etc.  These things offer us introspection and clarity where we couldn’t quite communicate it.  Not communicate it to others because, we couldn’t communicate it to ourselves.   Have you ever said this to yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” Or, “No, no! I’m not angry and I’m not ‘Frustrated’… I don’t know, I can’t find the word for it…”

Something that’s been a continually fun and challenging process for me has been reverse engineering processes out of my own head.  With all the things that I have done in my life I have realized that the thing that I am really good at is Problem Solving.  However, when I posted my first video after making the transition to personal development, there was a process that had been happening in my head for years and I didn’t fully have words for it:

But, I started anyway, working to communicate the attributes and context that had supported some of my greatest shifts in life.  As the video encourages, honesty with myself has always been a huge factor.  But it’s just one piece. After giving the speech at The South Sound Small Business Summit things became more clear.  Understand, tapping into our intrinsic motivators is a huge component to success in difficult processes, but being able to strategically attack problems is going to make our efforts more efficient.  Sound strategy won’t give you the answer to life’s problems but, if used repeatedly, sound strategy can accelerate the time it takes us to reach sustainable solutions to life’s problems.

If you go to the start here page of my website you’ll see this image below:

Problem Solving

It’s a problem solving loop.  To date, this represents my most clear articulation of the mental and emotional processes that have gone on in my head when engaged in some of my most difficult points in life.  My aim with this is to give people an immediately accessible tool to begin tackling inflection points that they experience in any area of life.  It’s not a cure all.  It’s a technique to get focused in the middle of chaos and it’s a strategy to optimize the situations in which we feel most alive.

In this week’s podcast I break down the 10 steps I list out on the start here page.  Watch the video from the summit, listen to episode 40 of the podcast, and then start going through the questions on the start here page.

Like using any tool, you get better with repetition.  My hypothesis is that using this tool will help more people put language to the the problems of their internal world.  This then gives way to shifts in behavior that shape our external world (Remember those two problems everyone must solve)… Helping us facilitate and accelerate towards those ‘A Ha’ Moments in our own lives.


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