Podcast EP3: Working Through Our Trauma

One of the difficulties of the change business is getting people to spend time thinking about how they have formed their perceptions of the world.  There’s a reason we call our formative years, ‘formative’.  Being a kid is tough.  Why?  There are so many things that happen in our environments as children that are beyond our control.  Some of it traumatic.  My question to all of us is, what will we do with our pain?

In episode 3 of my new podcast I breakdown how my childhood experiences gave me incredible tools but left me with baggage that I was unaware of until that baggage began creating problems in my relationships.  A good practice in personal reflection, I believe, could have prevented these issues.  I hope this episode helps somebody!

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Listen Here:  https://anchor.fm/travisdaigle/episodes/EP3-Working-Through-our-Trauma-e2adjb/a-a5ihv7

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Love you guys!


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