Welcome to ‘You, Inc.’

In this video I carry on with an idea I call ‘You, Inc.’.  If you’ve been following me for any amount of time then you know that I believe that life can be categorized into four fundamental areas:  Health, Resources, Relationships, and Work. We typically look for employers that can provide Healthcare Benefits, Good Pay/Retirement Savings Plans, and a Healthy Culture among the Employees.  We want to work for that company. Especially if that work involves something we enjoy. In order to build a company with these attributes founders have to be very intentional. My contention is that we should think of our own personal lives as a business (You, Inc.).  Your exercise and eating habits represent the Healthcare Benefits. Your money habits represent the company 401K package. The way you manage relationships is the Human Resources Department. Of course, the work you do and the way you engage that work are analogous to company mission and values.


I understand your personal life is not a business but there are some valuable lessons we can apply that come from the business world.  One of those lessons is shrewdness. A couple posts ago I talked a little about my experiences paying off debt and my experiences helping others walk through the same process.  Like I said then, It’s a very scary thing for many of us to look at.  I’ve heard many a story about people going through college and accruing student loan debt while having no idea what the actual dollar amount is until after graduation.  I was one of those people. People, that’s crazy. Would Apple be Apple if they never looked at their checkbook? Or, what about letting crazy people into our lives? Dating people who (even when they are good people) just don’t know how to be in relationships.  If you read the last post, then you know I have been that person as well.  Again, would any great company that people love working for, be successful, if it allowed stagnant people who lack self-awareness to remain in positions where they influence others and the culture they create?  Really, would the company be doing the stagnant person any good by allowing them to gain the benefits of work without doing any work on themselves? Why do we do that with people in our lives? Allowing them to drain our energy for years on end when they don’t allow us to challenge them and they certainly don’t challenge us.  I suppose the need for approval or codependence in the moment trumps our desire to reach our full potential. There have been many times in my life where I have had to place distance between myself and someone I love or a group I formerly Identified with, because I began to recognize that their trajectory and mine did not line up.  Overall trajectory in life is determined by what we believe or what mentality we have. Its the Value system we actually operate by. It is more than what we say we believe.  

My understanding, is that an underlying set of beliefs/priorities/values influences the actions that we take on a moment-to-moment basis.  In the video I am asking the attendees to wrestle with what those values are. We say a lot of things but I have found that pressure and adversity are great at revealing what we actually believe.  Also, time and habit show what we believe. Habits observed over time, create a trendline that shows where our actions are taking us. This shows us what we believe is important. This is why I’m big on EXECUTION!    You can say you believe in health all you want but if you refuse to read a book on the topic, or refuse to hold an exercise regimen for any significant amount of time, or refuse to consider changing eating habits, you’re just talking.  You don’t really value health, I presume, because your feelings aren’t positive about the process that is required. This is what I value about the business metaphor for life. When we work for someone, we expect to get paid on time. When we buy a product or service, we expect to get the value promised for the dollars we spend.  If those things don’t happen, we can’t work for that employer or, we can’t buy from that company. Why? They fail to uphold what they promise. The question is – If we expect others to keep promises to us, do we even keep promises to ourselves?  Goals specify our actions and values should hold us accountable to executing those actions.  

Cultures breed, encourage, and affirm certain values/beliefs/priorities.  We live in America and with all of our bold and courageous beginnings, we sometimes forget our inconsistencies with those brave initial visions (Slavery/Crimes against Native Americans).  No self-awareness. Say one thing and do another. Today we live in a time where instant gratification is normative and it affects our perceptions of everything we do. Hard processes are supposed to stop being hard, quickly, right?  

Values should sit outside of us and our emotions, holding us accountable not only to chasing what we want but also to the critical thinking as to whether or not what we want is still, what we want.  Watch the video and consider what you believe in. Also, The next time you think about a promise broken to you, think about this quote from Dr. Eric Thomas from a video entitled ‘You Owe You!’, “You know what’s so funny to me?  We want people to make guarantees to us, but we’re not willing to make guarantees to ourselves.”

I have more to talk about from this video but for now, remember The 300% Rule:  Come Hell or High Water, 100% Ownership, 100% Effort, 100% of the Time!  

I Love You and God Bless!


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