What’s Your ‘Why’?


There are 4 total components to motive or ‘why’ in my philosophy: Gratitude, Self-Worth, Close Relationships, and Impact on Humanity.  When we tap into these things, I believe it’s where our drive to attack life really begins to deepen.  In my opinion, we want these things to inform everything we do.  Watch the video and ask yourself some questions:

  1. Gratitude – Do I recognize the vast number of resources in my environment that I didn’t create, yet I get to take full advantage of?  What are they?  (Think about this present moment in history – The information era allows us to access so much understanding about many of the things we want in our lives.  Are you taking full advantage of the opportunities that you have to learn?)
  2. Self-Worth – Life is not getting easier.  Hard things will happen to all of us.  You’re perspective on difficulty is going to have to change.  Adversity breaks us or makes us better.  It’s a choice.  Do you love yourself enough to do the hard thing?  Do you find your follow through is weak on commitments to yourself?  If so, why?  Do you let the opinions of others cause you to be paralyzed in pursuit of what you really want in life? If so, why?
  3. Close Relationships – Family, Friends, Coworkers:  Do you really appreciate how much your mood/actions/example ultimately impacts those closest to you (even when you are not in their direct presence)?  What happens to them when your mood is down/up?
  4. Humanity as a Whole – What impact do you have on people you don’t know (somebody is always watching us and we watch others)?

Journal and Meditate on these things regularly.  Try 5 minutes a day thinking about your answers to one of these questions.


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