The word ‘volition’ is defined as:  the power of choosing or determining; willpower.  In this video I talked about my personal belief that we can all exercise the willpower to make choices that lead to what we want in the future.  This is a gift that we have the ability to express at exceptional levels in this country.  Trust me, a child in Afghanistan has a tough time thinking about what their destiny is.  As Americans we can go after it head long.  We just celebrated Thanksgiving and then we had Black Friday right after it.  Arguably, the height of gratitude followed by the height of consumption.  What an amazing gift from The Creator that we have the choice to participate in either.  The question is, what are we doing to exercise that ability to choose in such a way that adds to the people and the world around us?

Why am I so on you about your health and debt?  You can’t do anything for others when you are suffocating under the weight of your own life.  The challenge with living in such a materially blessed society is the danger of becoming enslaved to those material things:  food addiction, shopping addiction, etc.  Again, just like information overload (on which some of us are addicted), there is a saturation point.  There’s a point where you can eat more food, but you don’t need anymore.  There’s a point where you can buy more stuff, but your needs have been far surpassed.  There’s a point where you can have more house, but you can’t properly take care of more house.  There’s a point where you can get more information, but you can’t use more information.  There’s a point where ‘more’ makes you less effective.  ‘More’ makes you more self absorbed and less able to go after real problems in the world.  This is why exercising volition is so important.  We have to choose to say ‘yes’ to a few things/activities done exceptionally well, as opposed to unchecked involvement and consumption of lots of things/activities with no real progress being made in our own lives or the lives of those we influence.

So much of what I’m asking you to do boils down to choice.  The choice to grapple with the ideas.  The choice to be introspective.  The choice to write some things down and identify action steps.  The first video and blog from this new site will come out on December 4th.  Watch.  Read.  Get a journal and grapple with the questions I pose.  Grow!

I Love You and God Bless!


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