My name is Travis Daigle.  I teach and write about the process of Character Development.  My philosophy is anchored in personal and professional experiences that include overcoming obesity (I weighed over 300 lbs. at 17 years old), paying off consumer debt (to the tune of $60K), studying/working in the engineering field, and becoming a Special Forces Medic (AKA – Green Beret) and Combat Veteran.

When it comes to personal character development, I believe in 2 things:

1 – I believe that life can be categorized into four fundamental areas:  Health, Resources, Relationships, and Work. — I believe that all of life can be grouped into one of these four areas.  The idea is to have a vision for each area and understand how they fit together.  With the bigger vision in mind, we learn to make moment to moment decisions in light of the big picture.  We become intentional as we learn to make choices in context.

2 – I believe that character is best developed in the pursuit of freedom in these four areas. — The behavioral adjustments required to be healthier, gain financial freedom, master our emotions, and find fulfilling work, demand continuous personal scrutiny. This process exposes motive/self-worth issues, deep character flaws, and behavioral inconsistencies.  Working to make sustained behavioral adjustments naturally develops self-discipline, self-awareness, confidence, courage, grit, empathy, patience, etc.  The character traits that we all aspire to develop in ourselves.  These traits allow us to endure all the adversity that comes with life while we chase deeper expressions of our own personal potential.

I make it my mission to inspire individuals to reach for greater potential through the personal pursuit of character development.

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