My name is Travis Daigle.  I am a Character Development Coach.  My philosophy is anchored in personal and professional experiences that include overcoming obesity (I weighed over 300 lbs.), paying off consumer debt (to the tune of $60K), studying/working in the engineering field, and becoming a Special Forces Medic (AKA – Green Beret) and Combat Veteran.  Make sure to subscribe via email below for regular updates and a monthly video-blog meant to challenge and inspire you! 

U.W. Tacoma – Grit City Mondays:  If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, innovator, or just trying to become a better human being, come check me out at The University of Washington Tacoma VIBE (Veteran’s Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship – Grit City Mondays).  It’s all about developing the mental fortitude to see your dreams come to life.  It’s free of charge and open to the public, so check the schedule for class times and come by if you’re in the Tacoma area!  The monthly videos are based on the workshops and meant to challenge you to do some personal introspection and begin making adjustments to move toward your vision.  Make sure to subscribe via email below for notifications. 


  • Looking for an inspiring speaker to enhance an event?  Check out my Speaking Services.
  • Currently, I am in the process of beta-testing some Small Group Processes.  Subscribe to receive updates on those services.  Also, feel free to send me an email if you have any questions on what those services will look like and if there is a way I can work with your group today.

Character Development Guide:  The following free guide represents the basis of the process I use with all my clients.  This is the stuff I believe we all have to analyze on a regular basis.  Download it, grab an accountability partner, and start executing today!

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